These window murals are easily applied to the outside of any window. Window tint and window defrosters are not effected and can still be used. These window murals are easy to see out, but very hard to see in. Protect your valuables (tools, golf clubs, stereo equipment, etc..) from people passing by. Window murals can also be easily removed.
    Your window size is not needed to purchase your window mural. After you purchase you will be directed to or window size page that will explain how to measure your window. You can view this page now by clicking the submit: ~ your window size link on the right side of this page. When you have your measurements, simply enter them on that page. This will insure a speedy transaction and proper fit.

     Worried that you won't be able to put the mural on yourself? Your local window tint shop will be able to put it on for you for around $25. Check out our frequently asked questions for easy window mural application instructions. Because these window murals are perforated with tiny holes, there are no air bubbles to worry about when putting it on. That makes it easy!



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