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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I go about getting a custom tire cover?

Let us put your farm name, company logo, Favorite Picture or anything else you can think of on a tire cover for you. What better way to advertise your business and improve the appearance of your vehicle than with an eye catching centerpiece. Prices for custom made tire covers start at $129 + Shipping. If you require additional lettering or graphic design this is $25 per hour more. Usually no more that an hour is needed. I will need either a large digital photo or a hard copy of the image (Photo, Sticker, picture from a calendar Etc). Send me your picture along with any wording, exactly as you want it on the cover (Caps, placement etc). If I am able to use it I will send you an email that will include some payment options. If you are interested simply follow the instructions in that email to make your payment. Sorry, no proofs until I receive payment. Tire covers can be made to fit any SUV, horse trailer, boat trailer etc... For more information please contact us.

How do I know what size tire cover I need?

Most people don't know what size tires they have on there vehicle, and that's ok. Your tire size is not needed to purchase your new tire cover. During the payment process you will have the option to enter your tire size. If you are not sure what size tire you have, there will be instructions after you make your payment that will explain how to easily determine what size tire you have. Your tire size can be found on the side wall of the tire and should look something like this example: 225/75/15. Please be sure to check the size on the spare tire, because sometimes the size on the spare tire is different then the size of the tires mounted on the vehicle. Please note the numbers 15, 16 ,17... refer to rim size only. I need your complete tire size found on the side wall of the tire. In some cases your tire size might look like 30x10.5/15 or 7.00-15. These sizes are more commonly found on trailers and jeeps with larger tires. Please don't guess at what size tire you have.

How do I know what size window mural I need?

No Problem! Your window size is not needed to purchase your window graphic. After you purchase your new window graphic you will receive an email that will explain how to measure your window. For best fit, start by measuring the width of the window, side to side at the widest part of the window. Then measure the height of the window, top to bottom at the tallest part of the window. These measurements will help to ensure an accurate fit. Please do not ad extra, as I will ad an additional 2 inches. Step by step instructions for easy installation will be included with your window graphic.

How do you apply the window murals?

STEP ONE: PREPARE VEHICLE If possible, bring the vehicle into a heated building. If applying image outside, verify that outside air temperature is not below +40 F (+5C). During cold weather, warming up the car interior will improve adhesion. STEP TWO: CLEAN GLASS The adhesive performs best when applied to very clean glass. Clean the outside glass where you plan to mount the image with soap and water. The surface must be dry and clear of debris before window image is applied. STEP THREE: PLACE AND APPLY Warning: Do not apply with heat gun, water, or any other tools! Before removing the backing, arrange the graphic on the glass the way you like, using strips of masking tape to keep in place. Starting from one edge, gently peel off backing from behind the image and apply to glass, working towards the reverse side. Smooth the sticker as you go to avoid wrinkles. If wrinkles occur, carefully lift up image to the location of the wrinkle, flatten the wrinkle with your hand, and continue application. STEP FOUR: BOND AND CROP Lay the removed backing over the applied sticker. Rub hard with the backing, starting from the center and working towards the sides. This will ensure a strong adhesion. The image will be fully set after 24 hours. Full window graphics will have excess material beyond the edges of the glass. This additional material can be trimmed with a razor blade or similar tool. PROLONGING THE LIFE OF YOUR IMAGE For the first week after mounting, do not use power car washes. Avoid using abrasive cleaners on the graphic. Refrain from using snow scrapers on the sticker. Rear wiper blades will wear down image. Treat this image like the painted surface of your car. REMOVING YOUR IMAGE Thin scraper devices can be used to take off the perforated film. Start from one corner, then raise up a small area. Manual force can then be used to pull the sticker from the glass. Detachment will be easier with warmer outside temperature. Any residue can be cleaned with glass cleaning liquid or citrus adhesive remover.