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    Most people don't know what size tires they have, and that's ok. Your tire size is not needed to purchase your new tire cover. During the payment process you will have the option to enter your tire size. If you are not sure what size tire you have just skip it. You can come back and enter your tire size anytime at your convenience.

   Your tire size can be found on the side wall of your spare tire and should look something like this example: 225/75/15. Please be sure to check the size on the spare tire, because sometimes the size on the spare tire is different than the size of the tires mounted on the vehicle.

   Please note the numbers 15, 16 ,17... refer to the size of the rim only. I need your complete tire size found on the side wall of the spare tire. In some cases your tire size might look something like: 30 X 9.50/15 or 7.00-15. These sizes are more commonly found on trailers and jeeps with larger tires. Please don't guess at what size tire you have.


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